Before applying for the card, please read the FAQ section
Sing up for the loyalty program
We are launching a loyalty program with cashback points to the card based on levels for each offline order and birthday bonuses
You can register via the link provided after the 'Questions and Answers' section.
What types of cards are available now? How can I increase my level?
Deposit card
You can purchase a certificate in multiples of 1000 rubles and use it to pay for up to 100% of offline orders.
This is the basic card that is issued immediately after registration. To move to the next level, you need to spend 15,000 rubles for an unlimited amount of time. You can redeem up to 15% of the order amount.

To reach this level from the Ettinger level or obtain it with your 'Avocado' card, inform the waiter of your phone number in the loyalty program and present your 'Avocado' card. You can redeem up to 30% of the order amount.
Extra bonus
Sign up for the loyalty program and receive additional bonuses for your birthday. The bonus is credited 3 days before your birthday and is valid on your birthday as well as 3 days before and 2 days after. *Pre-registration and entering your birth date during registration are required.
Are there any other bonuses?
To reach this level, spend 50,000 rubles at the 'Avocado' café chain within 90 days. If the total amount spent in the last 90 days is less, you will revert to the Haas level. You can redeem up to 50% of the order amount.
Get your card
Get your first cashback card. Reach the Ettinger or Haas level. Once you reach the Haas level, you cannot revert back to the Ettinger level
Move to the new level
Meet the requirements and get even more cashback. Raise your level to Semil. Once you reach the Semil level, you can lose it if you fail to meet the retention conditions and revert to the Haas level.
Birthday bonus
Receive additional bonus points on your card for your birthday. If you were previously registered in our loyalty program, we will credit you with bonuses 1 day before your birthday. If you are registering for the first time, the points will be credited on your birthday or 3 days after. The points are valid for 4 days from the date of crediting
Give experiences
Get a Deposit Card for yourself or as a gift. Pay up to 100% of your bill using the virtual balance. Please note that when paying with the deposit card, you can also present your loyalty card to earn bonuses for this purchase. To apply for a Deposit Card, please contact a manager.
Learn more about the new electronic cards
Do you have any remaining questions?
Write to us on Telegram @avocadotv.
Are you ready?
Go ahead and apply for the card right now.
By applying for the card, you agree to the terms of the loyalty program and consent to the processing of personal data.
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